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Embraer ERJ Family

Embraer Regional Jet 135

ERJ135, The shorter version of the ERJ145 model, was introduced in 1999. ERJ 135 is produced with a 2 + 1 seat arrangement and has a twin turbofan structure placed behind the body.


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Other models of the Embraer Regional Jet series, ERJ145 and ERJ140, also have the same structure, the only difference between these models is their size and passenger capacity. Production of this series was terminated in 2020. A total of 1200 pieces of this series were produced. Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 business jets are based on ERJ 135 and ERJ 145 models. ERJ135 (ER) Extended range and (LR) Long Range versions are available. embraer-Erj-135

ERJ 135


Embraer 135

These models, which are highly preferred for regional flights in the American continent, have found serious user airlines in Europe, Africa and the Far East countries.

ERJ135 Specifications; Manufacturing country: Brazil / Seating capacity: 37 seats / Crew: 2 pilots / Cruise speed: 830 km / h / Range: 3,240 km / Wingspan: 20.04 m. / Length: 26.33 m. / Height: 6.76 m.


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Embraer ERJ 135

ERJ 135 model, which is used in short-distance and regional civilian passenger transportation, is very common in military, medical ambulance, business jet and private aircraft. It should not come as a surprise that aircraft of less than 50 passenger capacity for regional purposes will cease to be produced over time, from this point of view, it should be taken naturally to cease production of the Embraer E135 and other members of the same family, the E140 and E 145. At this point, costs per seat are important.


ERJ 135


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