Bombardier Q-400, Dash 8, DHC-8


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Bombardier Q400, Dash 8

The Bombardier Dash 8, previously known as the de Havilland Canada Dash 8 or DHC-8. In these series there are 3 types airplane, Dash-8 100, Dash-8 200 and Dash-8 300 the last type Dash-8 300's production ceased in 2009. We detailed of Dash 8 100/200/300 series stories an article, if you want more information about Dash-8 you can read this article

Bombardier Q series

In 1997, Bombardier started to use on their turboprop engine plane Active Noise and Vibration Suppression (ANVS) system. Owing to this developing, Bombardier renames its Dash 8 line aircrafts the Q Series (Q for ‘quiet’) in 1998.

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So Since 1998 Dash 8 means Q series in Bombardier's aircrafts. With this Active Noise system Bombardier's aircrafts was quite. After That Q uses for "quiet". Dash 8 means Q series and Q series means Quite Series. The Bombardier Q Series - originally called Dash 8 - is a series of turboprop-engine commercial airplane.

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Propeller planes are smaller in size and have a smaller passenger capacity.

With a maximum cruise speed of 667 kilometers per hour and outstanding performance, the Q400 is a good choice on routes under 900 km. the Series bOMBARDİER Q-400 has seating capacity from 75 up to 90 passengers.

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Dash 8, Q-400

bombarider q series formerly known bombardier dash 8 aircrafts. Bombardier Q400 aircraft is the first turboprop aircraft in the world that has 90-seat capacity. Many major airlines uses this bombardier q-400 aircrafts for regional operations.

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Turboprop, What is turboprop?

Turboprop; an airplane equipped with one or more turbo-propeller engines. turboprop engine or turboprop aircraft, means propeller airplane. Airplane with propeller use turboprop engines.

The most widely used propeller airplanes today; Bombardier Q 400, Saab 340 series, Short 360 series, Dornier DO228 and DO328 props, Fokker 50, All of the ATR series.