Major Milestones of Antonov, Antonov Planes


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1947 & Antonov-2, The AN-2

The AN-2 the first plane of ADB (Antonov Design Bureau). Antonov-2, The first flight was made in 1947. Antonov-2, The AN-2 has high flight performance. Antonov-2, The AN-2 airplane has become an indispensable aircraft on regional airlines and in agriculture.


1956 & Antonov-8, The AN-8

Antonov-8, Classical cargo airplane. Antonov AN-8, first flight was made in 1956. The AN-8 has a large-size cargo door so this model enables to carry materials up to 11 tons and big size. Antonov-8, The AN-8 model has two turboprop engines.


1957 & Antonov-10, The AN-10

Antonov-10, The first turboprop airplane for passenger transport. Antonov-10, The AN-10 was made first flight in 1957. Owing to landing performance, the an-10 was operated on unsuitable runways. In the 1960' this model was used to transport passenger over domestic routes. Antonov-10, The AN-10 passenger capacity was 100 passengers.


1957 & Antonov-12, The AN-12

Multipurpose Transport Aircraft. The AN-12 first flew in 1957. The AN-12 was designed to carry out multipurpose transportation. The AN-12 could carry cargo up to 20 tons. Various modifications of AN-12 was manufactured in 1960's.


1958 & Antonov-14, The AN-14

Multipurpose aircraft. The AN-14 first flew in 1958. The AN-14 was designed to carry cargo and passenger. This model's passenger capacity was 7, The AN-14 could carry cargo up to 760 kg over local routes.


1965 & Antonov-22, The AN-22 Antei

World's Biggest Turboprop Cargo Plane, The AN-22 was made its first flight in 1965. Because of ability to carry big size cargo and materials, AN-22 Antei was very useful cargo plane.


1959 & Antonov-24, The AN-24

The AN-24 was made its first flight in 1959. The AN-24 is a regional passenger airplane, Many modifications were made on the basis of the AN-24.


1994 & Antonov-38, The AN-38

The AN-38 first flew in 1994. The AN-38 is a multipurpose airplane, The AN-38 can be use to carry passengers, mail, cargoes over local destinations, The AN-38 also can be use for ambulance or for many kind operations.


1994 & Antonov-70, The AN-70

The AN-70 first flew in 1994. The AN-70 can be operated under all short and unpaved runways and weather conditions. The AN-70 can be used to transport cargoes up to 47 tons.


1982 & Antonov-124, The AN-124 RUSLAN

Antonov-124 Ruslan; The AN-124 first flew in 1982. This heavy cargo plane has 150 tons cargo capacity.

The AN-124 RUSLAN is an important cargo plane in the cargo transportation system.


2017 & Antonov-132, The AN-132

The AN-132 first flew in 2017. The AN-132 was developed to multipurpose transportation. The AN-132 is a propeller airplane with two engines. This plane knows AN-132D.


1997 & Antonov-140, The AN-140

The AN-140 first flew in 1997. The AN-140 is another propeller plane. The AN-140 is a regional airplane. The AN-140 can use as a cargo transportations. Passenger capacity of The AN-140 is 52 passengers. The AN-140 used for regional operations.


2004 & Antonov-148, The AN-148

The AN-148 first flew in 2004. The AN-148 is a regional passenger airlines, for short-haul destinations The AN-148 is a suitable turbojet plane. Passenger capacity; from 10 to 85 depending on how the cabin is designed.


2010 & Antonov-158, The AN-158

Antonov-158 Regional Turbojet Aircraft; The AN-158 first flew in 2010. This model is a further version of Antonov-148 airplane. Antonov-158 regional turbojet has 99 seat capacity for economy versions. For regional routes is a suitable aircraft.


2015 & Antonov-178, The AN-178

The AN-178 made its first flight in 2015. The AN-178 was developed for medium haul transport airplane. The AN-178 is capable of using civil and military purpose.


1988 & Antonov-225, The AN-225

The AN-225 made its first flight in 1988. Antonov-225 can deliver extra-heavy size cargo to any destinations over the globe. Antonov-225 or the an-225 is a prominent cargo aircraft owing to carry heavy and big materials. Antonov-225 is the biggest cargo plane in the world.