The Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-3

What is The cruising speed of The Douglas DC-3?
What is The passenger capacity of The Douglas DC-3?

With a cruising speed of 270 km per hour and a standard 21 passenger capacity The Douglas DC-3 is a groundbreaking aircraft in the history of aviation in the 1930s.

The DC-3 is slightly larger than The Douglas DC-2. The Douglas DC-2 could carry 16 passengers. The Douglas DC-3 has 21 passenger capacity as a standart configuration. For this reason, The Douglas DC-3 reduced the cost of passengers per seat, making it a more profitable plane. This situation managed to attract attention not only in the US but also in companies in the aviation sector in other countries.


Although the Douglas DC-3 standard seat configuration was produced as 7 rows of 2 + 1, with a total capacity of 21 passengers, over time, different airline companies applied different configurations to use up to 25 or 26 passengers.

The Douglas DC-3

"Skysleepers" or Douglas Sleeper Transport

Douglas Sleeper Transport or "Skysleepers"; originally this was the first DC-3 model produced. The idea of bed travel on trains was the main theme of this model. Skysleepers were produced as a very luxurious aircraft. With a capacity of 14 passengers for night flights, this aircraft could carry 28 passengers on daytime flights. The first plane of this model was delivered to American Airlines in the summer of 1936.

American Airlines president C.R. Smith; Speaking of this iconic aircraft of aviation history, we need to remember that we owe Smith a gratitude for the insistence and determination it has put forward to produce this type of aircraft.


The Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-3; This aircraft, which has been mentioned by airline companies, Airline customers, Airplane fans and many people with beautiful adjectives. Douglas DC-3 was used by many airline companies from the 1930s until the 90s.


In the 2000s, these planes are still used somewhere in the world for cargo transportation, passenger transportation or military purposes.

Douglas C-47 / Dakota / Skytrain

Speaking of this iconic aircraft of aviation history, it may be a little strange to look at production figures today. According to Boeing's data, only 455 were produced from this Wonderful Douglas DC-3. These days, 455 may seem a bit small, but it is a reasonable figure for the 1930s.


But there is something more interesting here; According to Boeing's data, exactly 10,174 were produced from Douglas C-47-Dakota or "Skytrains", which is the military model of these wonderful Douglas DC-3s. In the years of World War II, Douglas C-47 has done important things for U.S to be almost a symbol of war. Douglas C-47, a plane that is used by military forces all over the world for military purposes, was almost the same as DC-3.