Atr 72 500

ATR aircrafts

ATR aircrafts are often used by regional airline companies. ATR 42-500 model has a capacity of 50 passengers, ATR 72-500 model has a capacity of 70 passengers.

Short 360-200

Short planes

Short planes are used in regional flights. This model of aircraft cargo plane has been prevalent in the use. Company was founded in London in 1908. The company name was taken from the founders, the Short Brothers.


Fokker 100

Fokker aircraft

Fokker aircraft used in civil aviation and the best-known models; Fokker 50, Fokker 70, Fokker 100



SAAB Aircrafts

Saab AB (Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget), Saab Aircraft Swedish company, founded in 1937, is a Swedish aerospace and defense industry companies.


Embraer Erj-195

Embraer Aircrafts, Erj

ERJ, Embraer Regional Jet, E-Jet, The Erj 190/ Erj 195 models are a larger stretch of the Erj 170/ Erj 175 models fitted with a new, larger wing, larger horizontal stabilizer and a new engine.


Bombardier Crj-200

The Bombardier CRJ

Bombardier began producing NextGen versions of its 700 and 900 series. Currently, except the Crj-100 and Crj-200 series, other models are still in production.


Tupolev-204, Tu-204


Tupolev was founded by Andrei Nikolaevich Tupolev in 1922. in 1944 he received the stalin prize for designing the TU-2 medium-range bomber.