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United Airlines Fleet; Number of aircraft in the united airlines fleet; 1428. United Airlines planes, type of united airlines planes. United Airlines has 1428 planes in fleet. United Airlines use 4 different Aircraft; Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier. We detailed united airlines planes, you see united airlines uses 4 different aircraft models and different number of aircrafts.
United Airlines has 202 Airbus,
222 Bombardier-CRJ,
379 number of Embraer
and 627 number of Boeing planes.
There are aircraft types that stand out in number. If you can fly with united airlines you will probably travel with these model airplanes. The types of aircraft that stand out as numbers;
Type; Airbus-A320 / number of aircraft; 103.
Type; Boeing 737-924 / number of aircraft; 148.
Type; Bombardier CRJ-200 / number of aircraft; 156.
Type; Embraer ERJ-175 / number of aircraft; 169.
On this page you can see the images of these aircraft types.

United Airlines Planes

United Airlines Airbus

United Airlines has 202 number of airbus planes.
United Airlines uses two different aircrafts of Airbus, Airbus A-319 and Airbus A320.

United Airlines Airbus A-319
United Airlines Airbus A-320

United Airlines Bombardier CRJ

United Airlines has 222 Bombardier-CRJ Aircrafts. Details of United Airlines Bombardier CRJ;
United Airlines has 1 number of Bombardier CRJ-100ER plane.
United Airlines has 156 number of Bombardier CRJ-200 planes.
United Airlines has 65 number of Bombardier CRJ-700 planes.


United Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200
United Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200 Seat Plan

United Airlines Embraer ERJ ans E-JET

United Airlines has 379 number of Embraer ERJ and E-JET planes. Details of United Airlines Embraer;
71 number of Embraer ERJ-145 planes.
39 number of Embraer E-170 planes.
100 number of Embraer ERJ-145XR planes.
169 number of Embraer E-175 planes.

United Airlines Embraer E-175
United Airlines Embraer E-175 Seat Plan
United Airlines Planes

More About Embraer

United Airlines Boeing

United Airlines has 627 number of Boeing planes. Details of United Airlines Boeing;
27 number of Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes.
41 number of Boeing 737-724 planes.
141 number of Boeing 737-824 planes.
148 number of Boeing 737-924 planes.
56 number of Boeing 757-224 planes.
21 number of Boeing 757-324 planes.
38 number of Boeing 757-324 planes.
16 number of Boeing 767-424 planes.
74 number of Boeing 777-222 planes.
19 number of Boeing 777-322 planes.
12 number of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner planes.
25 number of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes.
9 number of Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner planes.

United Airlines Boeing 737-900
737-924-United airlines
United Airlines Boeing 737-900
Boeing-737-924-United-airlines Boeing-737-924-United-airlines

United Airlines Old Livery

United airlines planes with old livery. Airbus A 320 United Airlines old livery. old-livery-A320-232-United united-airlines-old-livery-A320-232

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