Red Bull Plane

There is a big race in the sky that has been organized since 2003. this crazy air race is known as the Red Bull air race. these air races have millions of fans. these air races are breathtaking and exciting. If we say that the planes are the same but the pilots are different in Red Bull air races, we would not be wrong. All Competitors use the same aircraft. This American aircraft is the legendary 3-blade The Edge 540 manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics. Edge 540 is an airplane that has proven itself in air acrobatics. It is one of the proofs of how good it is in acrobatics, as it is the reason for preference from Red Bull air races.

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race; information about red bull air race, Red bull Plane Edge 540, The air race CHAmPiOnS and other details about red bull air race compition. Edge 540, a special aerobatic plane produced by the American manufacturer Zivko Aeronautics, is used in these races.