Norway Airline Companies


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List of airlines of Norway,

Wideroe, Norwegian, Flyr, Norse Atlantic Airways.


Flyr, Boeing 737-800

Flyr Logo link-to-flyr

Flyr is a Norwegian low-cost airline company. Flyr operates flight services between Norwegian cities and to popular destinations in Europe. Flyr operates a fleet of Boeing aircraft.


Norse, Boeing-787 Dreamliner

Norse Atlantic Airways Logo link-to-Norse

Norse Atlantic Airways is a low-cost, long-haul airline company in Norway. Norse Atlantic Airways operates a fleet of Boeing aircraft.

Wideroe, Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Wideroe Logo link-to-Wideroe

Wideroe is a regional airline company in Norway. Wideroe operates a fleet of Bombardier Dash-8 turbo-prop and Brazilian Embraer aircraft. Wideroe is the largest domestic regional airline in Nordic region, Wideroe flies to many domestic and a few regional international destinations.

Norwegian, Boeing 787-8

Norwegian Logo

Norwegian is a low-cost carrier in Europe. Norwegian offers a high-frequency domestic and international flight within Scandinavia and Europe. Norwegian is an important European Low-Cost airline that has been on the Low-Cost lists many times.