Kyrgyzstan Airlines


List of airlines of Kyrgyzstan

Air Bishkek, Avia Traffic Company, Air Kyrgyzstan, Air Manas, Tez Jet.

Air Bishkek, Airbus A320

Air Bishkek Logo

Air Bishkek is an airline based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Air Bishkek was founded in 2004 as Kyrgyz Airways and renamed in 2006. In 2011 the airline was again rebranded into Air Bishkek.

The airline stopped operating in February 2016 after experiencing financial difficulties. As of June 2016, Air Operator Certificate has been suspended.

ATC, Boeing 737-300

ATC Logo

Avia Traffic Company is an airline with its head office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. ATC flights operate from Manas International Airport. Avia Traffic operates scheduled passenger flights to the following destinations; Kazan, Moscow, Mashhad, Dushanbe, Tashkent.

Air Kyrgyzstan, Boeing 737-300

Air Kyrgyzstan Logo


Air Kyrgyzstan is the flag carrier of Kyrgyzstan based in Bishkek. Air Kyrgyzstan operates scheduled domestic and international services to 10 destinations. Its main hub is Manas International Airport in Bishkek.

Air Manas, Boeing 737-400

Air Manas Logo

Air Manas is a low-cost airline based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Air Manas' main base is Manas International Airport.


Tez Jet Airlines, BAE 146-200

Tez Jet Airlines Logo

Tez Jet Airlines is a domestic Airlines in Kyrgyz Republic. Tez Jet operates scheduled passenger flights in Kyrgyzstan. TEZ JET airlines fleet consists of BAE 146-200 Aircrafts.