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Airlines of Italy, How many airlines are there in italy? Although Ernest Air, Neos and Ego Airways operates regional flights, there are airlines operates flights to national and international destinations like Blue Panorama, Ita Airways and Air italy. And, even there is Air Dolomoti airlines that focused germany cities.
Ernest Air, Neos and Ego Airways are new and young airlines. ITA Airways is the national and major airline of Italy. There are 7 italian airlines that operates scheduled flights.

What is the Italy's largest airline?

ITA Airways is the flag carrier and largest airline of Italy.

Which is the best airline in Italy?

Probably, ITA Airways is the best airline company in italy.


Italy Flag

Air Dolomiti, Embraer-195

Air Dolomiti's fleet is currently consist of Embraer 195 and Embraer 190 aircrafts. Embraer aircrafts is made in the Brazil, by the Brazilian aircraft maker. As of January 2021, Air Dolomiti is using 15 Embraer aircraft in its operations.

Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional airline. Air Dolomiti is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. Air Dolomiti operates a network of routes from various Italian and Austria destinations to several destinations in Germany. If you have to flight from ıtaly to germany especially munich or frankfurt you can use Air Dolomiti.

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Alitalia, Embraer 175

Embraer aircrafts is made in the Brazil, by the Brazilian aircraft maker.

Alitalia is the flag carrier and national airline of Italy. Alitalia has its head office in Rome. The name "Alitalia" is an Italian portmanteau of the words ali (wings), and Italia (Italy). Alitalia operates to 26 domestic and 60 international scheduled destinations in 55 countries.

Alitalia ceased all operations in 15.10.2021.

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Blue Panorama, Boeing 767-300

Blue Panorama airlines carry out scheduled passenger transportation with a fleet of Boeing 737 model aircraft.

Blue Panorama is an Italian private airline company. Blue Panorama operates scheduled and charter flights from Italy - especially Rome and Milan to various international destinations. Blue Panorama is a low-cost Airline. Rome-Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci Airport is the main hub of Blue Panorama.

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Blue Panorama Airlines had to cease operations in the winter of 2021 due to financial problems.

Air-Italy-Airbus A320-200
Air Italy, Airbus A320-200

Air Italy’s fleet, currently consist of 3 Boeing 737 MAX, 7 Boeing 737 NG and 5 Airbus A330-200 aircrafts.

Air Italy is not an old airline in italy, Italian carrier meridiana rebranded itself as Air Italy. Air italy, formerly known as meridiana but now Air italy airline took Meridiana’s place. Air italy operates scheduled flights to domestic, European and international destinations from several Italian cities.

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Air Italy had to cease operations in the first months of 2020 due to financial problems

Ernest Airlines, Airbus-A320

Low-cost new brand airline company in Italy. It taken-off in 2017. Ernest Fleet consist of Airbus A319 and Airbus A320.

Do you know Ernest Airlines Destinations?

Ernest Airlines Flies to .. ernest-airlines-destination

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2020 has been a bad year for Italian low-cost Ernest Airlines. Ernest Airlines had to cease aviation operations in early 2020 due to the deficiencies in the certificates it should have for civil passenger transportation.

Neos, Boeing 767-300ER

The current NEOS fleet consists of six Boeings 737-800, three Boeings 767-300 ERW (Extended Range Winglet) and two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

NEOS was born in June 2001. Regular flights started however in October of 2002. Neos owns its bases at the airports of Milan Malpensa, Verona and Bologna. from all of which it operates daily regular flights and charter flights.

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EGO-Embraer E190
EGO Airways, Embraer E190

The current EGO fleet consists of Embraer E 190. Embraer is a Brazilian manufactured aircraft of choice for short and medium-haul regional flights. Many airlines prefer Embraer model aircraft for regional flights.

Ego Airways is an italian regional airline company. Planning to make regionally scheduled flights, the company is planning to serve Italian airline passengers as a new airline company. It was established with the headquarters of Milan Malpensa Airport.

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The year 2022 did not start well for EGO airways, due to financial problems, EGO airways stopped all operations in January 2022.

ITA, Airways
ITA Airways,

In Italy, where Alitalia ended its flights, the new state-owned airline company ITA Airways started its flights.

ITA Airways is going to be the successor to the defunct flag carrier Alitalia. Italy new airline ITA Airways is planned to take over most of Alitalia's assets (fleet and crew).

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