Greece Airlines


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List of airlines of Greece

Astra Airlines, Olympic Air, Ellin Air, Aegean Airlines, Sky Express

Aegean Air, Airbus A319

Aegean Air Logo

Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline by total number of passengers carried, by number of destinations served and by fleet size. Aegean operates scheduled and charter services from Athens and to other major Greek destinations as well as to a number of European destinations.


Astra Airlines Logo

Greek airline company based in Thessaloniki. Astra Airlines operateD scheduled services to local destinations in Greece. Astra Airlines was a regional carrier in Greece.

Due to severe financial difficulties Astra Airlines ceased operations in the November 2019.


Olimpic Air Logo


Olympic Air is a regional airline, a subsidiary of the Greek airline carrier Aegean Airlines. Olympic Air currently operates 14 Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, Most of Olympic Air's Airbus A320 family aircraft were transferred to parent company Aegean Airlines.

Ellin Air, Airbus A319

Ellin Air Logo

Ellinair was founded in 2013. Ellinair is based in Thessaloniki, is operating both scheduled and charter flights, having established a network up to 30 domestic and international destinations throughout the year. On 15th June 2015, Ellinair started its first scheduled domestic routes to the most popular Greek destinations.


Sky Express, ATR 72-500

Sky Express Logo

Sky Express, which has scheduled flights within the country, has been operating since 2005. Domestic passenger transport company has 6 Airbus A320, 5 Atr 72-500 and 5 Atr 42-500 model aircraft in its fleet.