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List of airlines of France

La Compagnie, XL Airways, Corsair, Air Corsica, Aigle Azur, HOP!, Air France, French bee.

Airlines of France, How many airlines are there in france?

Although Air Corsica and HOP airlines that operates regional flights, there are airlines operates flights to national and international destinations like Corsair, La Compagnie, and French bee . Aigle Azur and XL Airways are France Defunct airlines. Air France is the national and major airline of France.

Nowadays There are 6 france airline companies that operates scheduled flights.

What is the France's largest airline?
Air France is the flag carrier and largest airline of france.

Which is the best airline in France?
Probably, Air France is the best airline company in france.

Which is the best low-cost airline in France?
HOP Airline is the best low-cost airline in France.

La Compagnie Airbus A321 NEO

La Compagnie Logo La-Compagnie-logo

La Compagnie is a FrANCE airlines company. La Compagnie operates long-haul destinations. La Compagnie fleet consist of Airbus A321neo aircrafts. La Compagnie serves a boutique style. The company's planes have reduced seat numbers and are offered as all cabin exclusive business-class.


XL Airways Boeing 737-800

XL Airways Logo

Based at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, XL Airways is a France airline specialising in long-haul flights. Each year, XL Airways fly over a million passengers to the Antilles, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the United States and the Mediterranean basin. The XL Airways fleet consist of 4 Airbus A330 model aircraft suited to the destinations served by the airline.

due to financial difficulties XL Airways France ceased flights and all operations in September 2019


Corsair Logo Corsair-logo

Corsair is a France airline. Corsair is a subsidiary of German TUI Group, Corsair operates scheduled long-haul services to 9 leisure destinations in the French overseas territories, Africa and North America as well as charter flights to further destinations.


Air Corsica LogoAir-Corsica-logo

Air Corsica is a France regional airline. Air Corsica operates passenger services from Corsica to over continental France. The Air Corsica fleet is composed of two types of modules that are especially well adapted to its short and medium-haul route network: 6 pieces of ATR72-500s and 5 pieces of Airbus A320s.

Aigle Azur Airbus A320

Aigle Azur Logoaigle-azur-logo

Aigle Azur is an airline in France. Aigle Azur operates domestic scheduled passenger services and international services to Algeria.

due to financial difficulties Aigle Azur ceased flights and all operations in September 2019

Hop! Embraer Erj-170

Hop! Logo

HOP is a subsidiary company of Air France. HOP is regional airlines in france also Hop is a low-cost airlines in France. The new airlines HOP offers daily flights to 50 French and European destinations. HOP has almost 100 aircraft to cover France and the rest of Europe!. HOP fleets consist of 100 aircraft with 48 to 212 seats. HOP Fleets has four main types of aircraft that are ideal for short and haul flights. Here is the it's fleet models; Embraer, Canadair Regional Jet-Bombardier, ATR and Airbus A320 series.

Air France Airbus-A380

Air France Logo air-france-logo

Air France is the France flag carrier airline company. Air France is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group. Air France operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. Air France flies to 36 domestic destinations and 168 international destinations in 93 countries.

French bee Airbus A350-900

French bee Logo Frenchbee-logo

French bee is a French airlines company. French bee operates long-haul destinations. French bee fleet consist of Airbus A350-900 aircrafts.

France Overseas dependences; New Caledonia

Air Caledonie, Aircalin

Air Caledonie, ATR-72-500

Air Caledonie Logo link-to-Air-Caledonie

Air Caledonie is a French airline and is the domestic airline for New Caledonia. Air Caledonie operates scheduled passenger flights from Noumea to 10 destinations in New Caledonia.


Aircalin, Airbus A330

Aircalin Logo link-to-air-calin

Aircalin is a French airline and is the international airline of New Caledonia. Aircalin operates scheduled services to twelve destinations in Oceania and Asia, including Japan.

France Overseas dependences; French Polynesia

Air Tahiti, Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti, ATR

Air Tahiti Logo

Air Tahiti is a French airline company which operates in French Polynesia. From Tahiti, Air Tahiti operates 46 islands of French Polynesia.


Air Tahiti Nui Logo

Air Tahiti Nui is a French airline in Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui operates long-haul flights from tahiti. The airline also services destinations including Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland and Tokyo.

France Overseas dependences; French Caribbean

Air Caraibes, Air Antilles


Air Caraibes Logo Air-Caraibes-logo

Air Caraibes is a France airline. Air Caraibes is the regional airline of the French Caribbean. Air Caraibes serves many destinations in the Caribbean area Air Caraibes operates scheduled and charter services serving 13 islands in the West Indies. Air Caraibes also operates transatlantic flights to Paris.

Air Antilles, ATR 72-600

Air Antilles Logoair-antilles-logo

Air Antilles is a French airline in Guadeloupe. Air Antilles is a regional airline. Air Antilles operates scheduled flights in the French Antilles. Air Antilles generally uses ATR aircrafts.

France Overseas dependences; Réunion

Air Austral


Air Austral Logo

Air Austral is a France airline. Air Austral operates scheduled services from Reunion to metropolitan France, South Africa, Thailand, India and a number of destinations in the Indian Ocean.

France Overseas dependences; French Guiana

Air Guyane Express

Air Guyane Express, Turbolet L410

Air Guyane Express LogoAir-Guyane-Express-Logo

Air Guyane Express is a French airline in French Guiana. Air Guyane is a regional airline. Air Guyane operates regional scheduled flights. Air Guyane uses ATR and L-410 Turbolet aircrafts for flight operations.

France Overseas dependences; Mayotte

Ewa Air

Ewa Air, Atr 72-600

Ewa Air LogoEwa-Air-Logo

Ewa Air is a French airline in Mayotte. Ewa Air is a regional airline. Ewa Air operates regional scheduled flights. Ewa Air uses ATR aircrafts for flight operations.