Egypt Airline Companies


List of airlines of Egypt

Nesma Airlines, EgyptAir, Air Arabia, Egtpyair Express, Nile Air, FlyEgypt, AlMasria Universal Airlines, Air Cairo.

Nesma Airlines, Atr-72-600

Nesma Airlines Logo

Nesma; Egypt regional airline company. Operate domestic flights. Nesma currently operates charter flights linking Egypt's most popular tourist spots to Europe and the Middle East mainly to Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland and France. Nesma Airlines fleet consists of the Airbus and ATR aircrafts.


Egypt Air Logo

EgyptAir is the flag carrier airline of Egypt. The airline is based at Cairo International Airport, its main hub, operating scheduled passenger and freight services to more than 75 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Egyptair is the national and major airline of Egypt.


Air Arabia Airplane, Airbus A320

Air Arabia Logo


Air Arabia is a low-cost airline, The airline operates scheduled services to 51 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Europe to 22 countries from Sharjah, 28 destinations in 9 countries from Casablanca, Fez, Nador and Tangier and 6 destinations in 4 countries from Alexandria.

Egyptair Express

Egtpyair Express
Egtpyair Express;

Established in May 2006 to focus on serving domestic routes with convenient scheduling at affordable prices, Egyptair Express uses a fleet of Embraer-170 jets comprised of 12 aircraft. The 76-seats plane provide a high level of comfort and a very relaxed seat pitch providng both economy and business class and in-flight services specially tailored to short-haul flights. Egyptair Express merged with its parent Egyptair in 2019

nile-air- airbus-a320-214

Nile Air, Airbus A320

Nile Air Logo

Nile Air is the largest private airline in Egypt. Nile Air operates scheduled services to near destinations in Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Nile Air fleet consist of 7 aircraft, five Airbus A320-200 and two Airbus A321-200. Nile Air uses Airbus model aircrafts for flight operations.


FlyEgypt, Boeing 737-800

FlyEgypt Logo

As a charter company in 2015, FlyEgypt also started scheduled passenger transportation. Egyptian low-cost and charter airline FlyEgypt uses Boeing 737 series planes for flight operations. FlyEgypt organizes scheduled flights to the nearby region, excluding seasonal flights.


Air Cairo, Airbus A320

Air Cairo Logo

Air Cairo is a low-cost airline based in Egypt. Air Cairo operates scheduled flights to the Middle East and Europe. Cairo International Airport is the main hub of Air Cairo. Air Cairo fleet consists of Airbus aircrafts.


AlMasria Universal Airlines, Boeing 737-400

AlMasria Universal Airlines Logo
AlMasria Universal Airlines Logo

AlMasria Airlines is an Egyptian private airline in Egypt. AlMasria Airlines operates scheduled and charter services over middle east. AlMasria Universal Airlines fleet consist of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.