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List of airlines of Colombia & Colombian Airlines List.

LATAM Colombia, SATENA, Clic (EasyFly), Wingo Airlines, Avianca, Avianca Express

defunct Colombian Airlines; VivaColombia, Ada Aero

Colombian Airline Company, LATAM Colombia's Airplane

LATAM's Logo

Colombian Airline Company, LATAM Colombia's Logo

LATAM Colombia is a Colombian airline. LATAM Colombia uses Bogota El Dorado International Airport as main hub. LATAM Colombia operates scheduled regional domestic passenger services. LATAM Colombia uses Airbus aircrafts. LATAM Colombia is the second-largest air carrier in Colombia, after Avianca.

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Colombian Airline Company, Avianca's Logo

Avianca is the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia. Avianca is also a trademark comprising a group of seven Latin American airlines. Avianca is the largest airline in Colombia and second largest in Latin America.

Avianca Express; Avianca Express is a Colombian regional airline founded in December 2018. It is owned by Avianca Group. Avianca Express operates scheduled passenger service to domestic destinations. Avianca Express uses Airbus aircrafts.

Colombian Airline Company, SATENA's Airplane, HK 4747 ATR-42-500

Aircraft Model; SATENA / ATR-42-500


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SATENA is a Colombian government owned airline based in Colombia. SATENA operates domestic routes. El Dorado International Airport is main hub for SATENA. SATENA fleet consists of ATR and Embraer aircrafts.

Colombian Airline Company, Clic's Airplane,

Aircraft Model; Clic's Airplane / ATR Aircrafts

Clic's Logo

Colombian Airline Company, Clic's Logo

Clic (EasyFly) is a regional low-cost carrier that operates in Colombia. Its main focus is to serve intermediate cities and those not served by other carriers. Operations started in 2007. Clic fleet consists of ATR aircrafts.

Colombian Airline Company, Wingo's Airplane, Boeing 737-800

Aircraft Model; Wingo Airlines / Boeing 737-800

Wingo Airlines's Logo

Colombian Airline Company, Wingo Airlines's Logo

Wingo Airlines is an airline based in Bogota, Colombia. Wingo operates scheduled passenger service to domestic and near region international destinations. Wingo is a colombian low-cost airline. Wingo uses Boeing 737-800 aircrafts.

defunct Colombian Airline Companies Since 2019

Colombian Airline Company, ADA's Airplane, Air Dornier 328-100

Aircraft Model; ADA Aero / Dornier 328-100

ADA Aero's Logo

Colombian Airline Company, ADA's Logo

ADA is a regional airline in Colombia. It started operations in 1987. The airline operates scheduled domestic services from Medellín to over 20 destinations.

ADA airlines has announced it has suspended all flight operations on March 2019 until further notice. Colombian regional carrier ADA Aero had financial difficulties. Any date or information about the resumption of services is not known.

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Colombian Airline Company, VivaColombia's Logo

VivaColombia is a Colombian low-cost airline based in Medellin, Colombia. VivaColombia is the first low cost carrier in Colombia. VivaColombia started operations with a fleet of Airbus. Due to financial difficulties, the company suspended its flights as of February 2023.