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List of airlines of Belarus

Belavia Belarusian Airlines


Belavia Logo

Belavia Belarusian Airlines is the national airline company of Belarus. Belavia headquartered in Minsk the capital of Belarus. Belavia is a state-owned company and it is the Belarusian flag carrier airlines. Belavia serves a network of routes between European cities and the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as some Middle East.

Belavia Fleet; Belavia Belarusian Airlines fleet consist of 28 aircrafts; 9 - Boeing 737-800, 2 - Boeing 737-500, 3 - Boeing 737-300, 2 - Embraer 195-E2, 7 - Embraer 195, 5 - Embraer 175.

Belavia Airlines uses American-made Boeing and Brazilian-made Embraer aircraft. Brazilian made Embraer model aircraft are used especially for short-haul flights. Embraer aircraft models are an aircraft brand preferred by many major airline companies.


Belavia Boeing 737 - 800 NG

Belavia Airlines has new livery with new logo on Boeing 737 - 800NG, Unlike many airlines, Belavia Airlines uses interesting livery.

Belavia Embraer - E175

Belavia old logo and old livery on Embraer - E175.

Belavia Boeing 737-300

A famous game from belarus and it's livery on Belavia Boeing 737-300.

Belavia Embraer - E195

World of Tanks; A famous game from belarus and it's livery on Belavia Embraer 195.

Belavia Old Logo
Belavia-old-logo Belavia-Bombardier-CRJ-200

Belavia Bombardier (Canada) CRJ-200 LR

Belavia Airlines has old livery with old logo on Bombardier CRJ-200; a member of previous fleet.