The magic of the Rhine Falls


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The magic of the Rhine Falls

With a total width of 150 metres, total height of 23 metres, and a capacity of flow in ‘peak season’ of around 600 000 litres of water per second, the Rhine Falls, just outside Zurich in Switzerland, are Europe’s biggest and most famous waterfalls. If you’re travelling through Zurich, don’t miss out on the magic of the Rhine Falls. Of course, the highlight when visiting the Rhine Falls is a boat ride and then climb up to the lookout points on the famous rock outcrop in the middle of the falls. From the pier just below the falls at Schlössli Wörth, an experienced boat captain will steer you through the river’s wild, churning waters, before mooring the boat in the middle of the falls so that you and the rest of your boat passengers can disembark and ascend the rock’s staircase to the lookout point – and spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding falls and riverbanks.


If you prefer to stay on the banks of the river, there are also viewing platforms built on both sides of the Rhine, with spectacular panoramic views of the falls. At night, the rock in the middle of the falls is illuminated with colourful lighting displays, or even firework displays on special occasions. Also, just upstream of the Rhine Falls is the legendary Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall castle, which sits directly overlooking the thundering masses of water below. Today, ‘Rheinfall Castle’ is a popular spot for tourists, and also where you can get great local food in the various restaurants that have been established here.