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Royal Air Maroc

boeing 787-9 dreamliner
Royal Air Maroc, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

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Royal Air Maroc is an flag carrier airline of Morocco. Royal Air Maroc serves numerous destinations around the world. The Royal Air Maroc fleet is composed of 58 aircraft. Royal Air Maroc uses ATR 72-600 Aircrafts for regional network.

Royal Air Maroc Fleet;

Royal Air Maroc uses boeing 737-800, boeing 737-700, Embraer 190 and B737 Max 8 models aircraf for medium-haul operations. For Long Haul destinations Royal Air Maroc uses boeing 767-300, boeing 787-9 and boeing 787-800 models aircrafts.


Royal Air Maroc, ATR 72-600

Royal Air Maroc uses ATR 72-600 and Embraer 190 for domestic flight operations. These models generally uses for short-haul operations, like many airlines companies Royal Air Maroc uses these Embraer 190 and ATR 72-600 aircrafts for short flights.


Royal Air Maroc Embraer 190