The Pantone hotel is a treat for colour lovers.


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Hotel Pantone, Brussels

A few minutes’ walk from Avenue Louise in Brussels’ St Gilles district, sits a very brightly coloured facade among a row of smartly renovated houses. Walk through the open doors and you’ll find yourself in the world’s first and only Pantone hotel. 277C, 301C and 2718C don’t just refer to room numbers, they’re also codes for the carefully selected colours of the hotel’s furniture, textiles and accessories. Guests choose a room by combining their favourite colour with their mood. The hotel’s seven fl oors and 59 rooms are furnished in various hues of the seven colours of the rainbow.

The Pantone hotel is a treat for colour lovers. Guests needing some guidance can book one of the hotel’s colour consultants. Residents and nonresidents alike can also download the entire Pantone colour library on the company’s app. The app also analyses and combines colours, determining the user’s colour type. Clearly our ways of talking about colour lag considerably behind what we can actually see. That’s good enough reason to spend a weekend swotting up on colour at the Pantone hotel, even if you only want to fi nd out what colour type you are.