Firefly ATR 72-500,

About Malaysian Firefly Fleet

Firefly currently operates a fleet of 15 aircrafts. 12 twin turboprop aircrafts which comprises of ATR 72-500 aircrafts. 3 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

ATR 72-500 series aircrafts offers low seat-mile cost. These ATR 72-500 series aircrafts can fly up to 2.5 hours without refuel.

Firefly offers passengers on board these ATR 72-500 series aircrafts, 20kg checked-baggage allowance.


Firefly, ATR 72-500

More information about ATR Aircrafts; These propeller aircrafts, which are joint production between France and Italy. ATR aircrafts are also preferred by many major airline companies. This European-made aircraft is especially used in regional and short-haul flights. There are also versions of ATR aircraft that are used for cargo and military purposes. Having a good reputation in the propeller passenger aircraft category. ATR has a series of models preferred in the airline civil or military transportation industry.


Firefly was launched in 2007. Firefly is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. Penang and Subang are Firefly's hubs. From these hub sites Firefly flies to 15 15 cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


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