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Delta Airlines Fleet

More about Delta Airlines Fleet, Planes. Delta Airlines uses Airbus and Boeing Aircrafts. Delta Airlines Regional flight services operated by Delta Connection Carrier Endeavor Air, SkyWest Airlines and Republic Airline companies. Delta Connection Carriers use Embraer E-170, Embraer E-175, Bombardier CRJ-900, CRJ-700 and CRJ-200 aircrafts. Delta Airlines is one of the major airline company in USA. Aircraft Fleet Facts Information and Pictures of US Delta Airlines.

Alaska Horizon Airlines Fleet, Planes

More about Alaska Airlines Planes, Detailed list of Alaska (Horizon Airlines) Fleet; Alaska Horizon Airlines uses 4 different models of aircrafts, Airbus, Bombardier Q400, Embraer E Jet and Boeing. You can see Alaska airlines plane types, plane models and number of Alaska airlines' plane. Alaska Airlines flies with planes that painted with many different themes. Alaska Airlines It is an airline company that adds color to the sky and airports. Aircraft Fleet Facts Information and Pictures of US Alaska Horizon Airlines.

Embraer 170, E-170, Embraer Ejet Series E-170

Embraer 170 or E-170 is the smallest airplane of Embraer e-jet family. Embraer 170 generally be used regional operations. Embraer e-jet series consist of four models; the smallest one E-170 and E-175 and the bigger one E-190 and Er195. Embraer 170/175 or other members of E-jet family E 190-195 are very popular aircrafts models in the usa. They are used in the regional or domestic flights all over the world.

United Airlines Fleet. United Airlines Planes

More about United Airlines Planes, Detailed list of United Airlines Fleet; United Airlines Airbus, United Airlines Bombardier CRJ, United Airlines Embraer ERJ and EJET, United Airlines Boeing. You can see united airlines planes types, models and number of united airlines fleet. United Airlines has 1428 planes. United Airlines fleet consist of 4 different models ; Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier.

Embraer Aircrafts, Embraer E-jet Series; E 170, E 175, E190, E 195

Do you know Embraer or Erj aircrafts is brazilian made. Embraer means nothing to you but certainly you have flown on board of this E-jet. Many European Airlines use embraer aircrafts. Lets find out this Embraer aircrafts. Embraer consist of four models-the smaller Embraer 170 or E-170 and E-175 ( 70 to 88 seats ) and the bigger Embraer 190 or E-190 and E-195 ( 94 to 122 seats ).

Italy Airlines

Airlines in Italy; Ita Airways, of course, is the leading airline companies in italy but there are many different airline companies in italy. Especially Italy has low-cost airlines. The most important low-cost italy airline is Blue Panorama. Air Italy or Meridiana Fly is another italy low-cost airlines. Air Italy is not a new airlines, italian old carrier meridiana rebranded as Air italy. Find out italy airlines. We have 8 italy airlines in our list. You can find brief information about italy airlines, You can see logos of italy airlines and you can go italy airlines' websites via our internal links. Here is the list of italy airlines. Ita Airways, Alitalia, Blue Panorama, Air Dolomiti, Ernest Air, Neos, Air Italy, Ego Airways. Our italy airlines list has the newest and current information about airlines in italy. Facts Information and Pictures of Airlines in Italy.

Belarus Airlines

Belavia, Belarus Airline Companies, Belavia Fleet, Belavia Belarusian Airlines is the national airline company of Belarus, headquartered in Minsk. The state-owned company is the Belarusian flag carrier. Belavia is currently the only Belarusian airline operates scheduled flights. Belavia Airlines uses American-made Boeing and Brazilian-made Embraer aircraft. Brazilian made Embraer model aircraft are used especially for short-haul flights. Embraer aircraft models are an aircraft brand preferred by many major airline companies. Belavia Fleet; Belavia Belarusian Airlines fleet consist of 28 aircrafts.

Embraer Regional Jet and Embraer E Jet;

You can find embraer (erj) aircrafts models in this page, you can see embraer aircrafts' technical detail and pictures of this aircrafts. We collected information about embraer aircrafts. Here the results; Embraer regional models; Embraer, Erj-135 the smallest model of embraer regional aircrats, ERJ-135 has 37 seating capacity. Embrarer, Erj-140 and Erj-145 this model is a bit bigger than Erj-135 models, Erj-140 and Erj-145 models have 40-50 seating capacity. Embraer E-Jet family models or bigger models, E-170, E-175, E-190 and E-195.