Embraer 170, E-170, Embraer Ejet Series E-170

Aircraft Model; LOT / Embraer, E 170

LOT Polish Airlines is the first operator of the first E-jet Embraer 170. In 2004 It was the first commercial flights via Erj 170. From Warsaw the capital city of poland to Vienna.


E 170

E 170 is a twin-engined regional airplane. The EMBRAER 170 or E 170 is the smallest member of the EMBRAER E-Jet family with a capacity of 70 passengers. Produced by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Embraer e-jet series consist of four models; the smallest one E-170 and E-175 and the bigger one E-190 and E-195.

Aircraft Model; FLYbe / Embraer, E 170

There are many ways to refer to the Embraer 170; E 170, Embraer E 170 or E-170. Regardless of what or how the Embraer 170 is a regional passenger transport aircraft with 2 jet engines. Embraers are preferred by many airlines in the world.

Here are, some operators of Embraer 170;

United, EgyptAir, LOT Polish Airlines, Airlink, Delta Air Lines, Air France Hop, Aeroméxico, J-Air, British Airways, S7 Airlines.

Aircraft Model; HOP! / Embraer, E 170

EMBRAER 170, the Brazilian

Brazilian Embraer 170 with 70 passenger seating capacity is an ideal aircraft for domestic or short-distance flights. Embraer 170 is a two-engine narrow-body jet from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

EMBRAER 170, E 170 Specifications;
Manufacturing Country: Brazil
Seating capacity: 70 seats
Crew: 2 pilots
Cruise speed: 870 km/h

Why is this aircraft preferred?

The Embraer E 170 is a jet-engineed and next-generation aircraft, the landing and take-off success on short runways is commendable, fuel saving and low maintenance costs are the main factors. Large airline companies that use passenger transportation use this type of regional purpose aircraft in their fleet to travel short distances and less cost in regional flights. Small aircraft with narrow body jet engines like Embraer E 170 offer companies serious maneuverability.

For destinations where the expected passenger demand is lower, using this type of aircraft instead of a large aircraft helps the company to get out of this flight with a better profit or less loss by reducing the cost of per seat passenger.

About Embraer 190.

Aircraft Model; United Express / Embraer 170

Embraer 170

Brazilian Embraer 170 made its first Test Flight February 19th, 2002. Embraer 170 has a suitable fuselage for allowing for a quick change between passenger seats configuration.

And Embraer 175

Embraer E 170's slightly longer plane can reach up to 88 passengers with its different and dense seat configuration. Although E 175, the other aircraft of the E 170 series, is actually more preferred in terms of number, these two aircraft are known as E 170. Although E 170 Serie was very famous in the aviation sector in US, E 175 is the most preferred model by the airlines companies in the US among this serie. Airline companies such as SkyWest Airlines, Republic Airways, Envoy and Northwest Airlink, which operate passenger transportation in the US, are the most frequently used aircraft. While fleet renewal is being made by many companies that do regional transportation, E 170 Series stands out as a serious alternative. As the newest model in this field with jet engines, the Embraer E 170 series seems to deserve a good place in the world aviation history.

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