8 Things About low-cost airlines.


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1. Small baggage!

You have to pay an extra fee for your baggage, While in traditional airlines they usually allow some baggage over the weight limit, low-cost airlines will charge you for each kg over the limit. Also, some airlines have lower limits than the usual 20 kg. Check your terms carefully and weigh your luggage before your journey. You should weigh and measure your hand luggage too; some airlines will measure your hand luggage at the gate.

2. Are you hungry?

Food or drink is available for a fee. It's best to bring your own food and water. or buy them after security check.

3. No movie no cray!

In-flight entertainment isn't normally provided either.

4. Where is the city center?

Most discount airlines try to lower airport fees, so they often use smaller and more distant airports, sometimes quite far away from the city they state they fly to, so you must learn bus/train/taxi costs to get to city center or where you have to go.

5. Don't be late!

Discount airlines do not wait for you if you are late, waiting costs a lot of money for airlines, they will not let this.

6. Be ready for...

Many airlines have changed their schedule with as little as hour or week before departure, so the flight is up to 10 hours earlier/later than in the original departure time. consider this.

7.Connecting flight, not a good idea

Many discount airliners are "point-to-point" airlines, so you must careful if you use connecting flight.

8. Use internet to check-in

Especially they desires a internet-check-in. sometimes check-in at the airport costs a lot.