Danish Airlines Alsie Express Fleet

Danish Alsie Express Fleet


The Danish boutique airline Alsie Express has two ATR 72 500 models with turbo-prop propellers. Propeller airplane like ATR or Bombardier Dash 8 are commonly used by major airlines for short-distance operations. If you are more information about the Propeller airplane like ATR planes or ATR 72 500 Airplanes colored dull (matte) painted in black. It offers an interesting image. Passenger capacity of the same model aircraft was determined differently.

Danish Alsie Express, ATR-72-500

Danish Alsie Express, ATR-72-500

Danish Alsie Express

ATR-72-500, Propeller Airplane

Danish Alsie Express has two ATR-72-500, propeller airplane, One of the ATR 72 500 aircraft has a capacity of 48 passengers and the other aircraft has a capacity of 64 passengers. The difference between the two models is the clearance distance between the seats. In the picture below, you can easily see the difference in passenger capacity and the distance between the seats.

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