Danish Air Greenland Fleet, Air Greenland Fleet

Air Greenland Fleet

Airbus A330-200, Bombardier dash-8 200

Air Greenland fleet, there is one airbus A330-200 model with 278 seats capacity that can be used for long distance flights. In addition to the Airbus A330-200 model, there are 7 bombardier dash-8 200 model aircraft. The Canadian Bombardier Dash-8 200 model aircraft are the main body of the Air Greenland fleet. 1 King Air 200 with propeller used as an ambulance. There are 9 airplanes in the Air Greenland fleet.

Air Greenland, Airbus A330-200

Air Greenland, The Canadian Bombardier Dash-8 200

If you are curious about the Canadian bombardier dash 8 model turbo-prop planes.

Air Greenland Helicopters; Bell 212, AS-350, S-61


Air Greenland is an airline company that has helicopters in its fleet for different purposes as well as passenger transportation. Air Greenland helicopter fleet; There are 18 different model helicopters in total. S-61 helicopter 2 units, AS-350 helicopter 9 units, Bell 212 helicopter 7 units.

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