ConVair CV-340 / Convair 340

ConVair CV-340;

A rival plane to the cult DC-3s

Although it was used in the presidential election in the USA in 1960, convair aircraft could not break the popularity of the douglas dc-3 series. Convair 340; An American made Aircraft for domestic flights.

Convair 340 was planned to be faster and more comfortable than the DC-3 and DC-4. With a Length of 24 m and a Height of 8.53 meters, the Convair 340 had a capacity of 44 passengers. Wingspan 32 m. bigger than its contemporaries. The Convair 340 reached a speed of 435 km per hour. The Convair 340 first flew in 1951. Almost 15 years after the Douglas series, which it saw as a competitor and was produced as a candidate for replacement.


Convair, CV340

Convair had been produced to meet the needs in the years when it entered the service in terms of both passenger capacity and speed. Convair series aircraft had luxury and comfort beyond its time. Reliability and profitability were good attributes for the Convair series aircraft. Air travel started to become popular due to relatively more affordable ticket prices and people's curiosity. In the years when airline transportation became popular, the Convair series was there, Convair aircraft had many important features that time required, but the expected success did not come.

Convair series; ConVair 240, ConVair 340, ConVair 440 aircraft was designed and produced for the replacement of the Douglas DC-3, which at that time (early beginnig of the 50s) was the main type of passenger aircraft in domestic flights. Although she was more comfortable, faster, she could not compete with the cult dc-3s. it was actually created and produced with a very good idea and design. It was put into the service of commercial aviation, but could not cope with the fashionable and well-known DC-3 models.


Delta Airlines, CV340

CV 340, ConVair 340

Compared to the predecessor 240, Convair 340 had larger dimensions, more passenger capacity, improved wing design and more powerful engines. The Convair 240 has a capacity of 40 passengers, while the Convair 440, the slightly larger model of the Convair 340, has a capacity of 52 passengers.


Super Convair 340

Fuselage and interior design of Convair 340; To save time, Convair 340's luggage racks designed just inside the entrance door. 16"x18" picture windows affords an excellent view from either seat.


Convair produced many different models. There are even models produced especially for cargo transportation and military purposes. Except for a few major airlines, the models produced for passenger transportation could not find much buyers. Especially American Airlines, Swissair, Lufthansa, SAS and Finnair used some Convair models in passenger transportation for many years. Everything was thought to make the passengers comfortable. Everything is planned to shorten travel times. Covair manufacturers had thought of everything, except for the popularity of Douglas DC-3s. after all, they could not beat the popularity.

Almost 15 years after the Douglas dc series was launched in air transport, the Convair models produced in a better technological environment cannot be said to be very successful. Despite larger sizes, greater passenger capacity, higher speeds and better comfort, Convair aircraft were expected to find more buyers and to be used for many years, but did not. Although a Convair CV-240 aircraft was used in the presidential election campaigns by John F. Kennedy in 1960, Convair lost the race with the Douglas DC series.