Douglas DC-3


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DC-3, The Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-3

DC-3 or The Douglas DC-3 Aircraft, which is a very important turning point in the aviation history in the 1930s. Of course, Douglas DC-3 was an important airplane in 1930s. DC-3 aircraft have been a turning point in civil passenger life. It was such a successful aircraft that its military version; The Douglas C-47 is a modern aircraft capable of influencing the fate of World War II. According to Boeing's data, only 455 were produced from this Wonderful Douglas DC-3. These days, 455 may seem a bit small, but it is a reasonable figure for the 1930s. Different sources state that 607 DC-3 aircraft were produced between 1936-1942. DC-3 production ended in 1942. Although different production figures are stated, the known reality regarding these aircraft does not change. It opened a different era in world aviation history. DC-3 was preferred and used by all renowned airlines around the world during the years it was produced.

Major Milestones of Boeing

B 1 Seaplane, Model 40, Douglas DC-3, Clipper 314, Douglas DC-7, Boeing 707, Jumbo Jet, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing-787 Dreamliner. boeing is a well-known plane manufacturer. step by step you can see boeing's history. Boeing 747 was the world’s first wide-body passenger airplane often called Jumbo Jet.

Timeline Of Flight

1903-The Wright Brothers make four flights in their Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina following years of research and development. Orville Wright takes off first and flies 120 ft (37 m) in 12 seconds. This is frequently considered the first controlled, powered heavierthan- air flight and is the first such flight photographed. On the fourth effort, which is considered by some to be the first true controlled, powered heavier-than-air flight, Wilbur flies 852 ft (260 m) in 59 seconds. 1930-The first female flight attendant was a 25-year-old registered nurse named Ellen Church who was hired by United Airlines. 1935-The Douglas DC-3 makes its maiden flight at Clover Field in Santa Monica, California. 1969-The first commercial flight of the French Concorde and the appearance of the The Boeing Jumbo Jet B-747.