ATR 72 600: Generation Improvements

Atr 72 600
Aircraft Model : ATR 72-600

Story of ATR 72-600 Aircrafts

ATR generation 600

The first studies initiated by the ATR manufacturer started in 2005. The objectives for this new generation of aircraft were ambitious: to add more comfort, safety, reliability and power, but less fuel consumption. Atr 72 600

Aircraft Model : ATR 72-600

The first ATR 72-600 aircraft entered into commercial service in August 2011 and it showed that it met goals of regional flights.
Atr 72 600, Cabin Image

ATR 72-600 Cabin Image

Improvements for ATR 72 600:

A cabin that offers spacious, more comfortable seating

Better soundproofing

New pleasant LED lighting

Larger luggage compartments

Numerous innovative technologies that improve flight reliability and safety Atr 72 600, Cabin Image

ATR 72-600 Cabin Image

Atr 72 600, Cockpit Image
ATR 72-600 Cockpit Image

The cockpit of ATR 72-600 has been completely re-designed to incorporate the "glass cockpit" concept similar to the one developed for the new generations of Airbus. Information is managed by computers and displayed on digital LCD screens for improved clarity and readability.

This full range of advanced technology offers a means of increased safety. Notably, some of the equipment is identical to that used on the famous Airbus A380, an aircraft on the cutting edge of technology.
Atr 72 600, Seat Plan Image

ATR 72-600 Seat Plan Image

ATR 72-600's New turboprops from the manufacturer Pratt &Whitney deliver more power and an average reduced fuel consumption of 20-30% compared to previous planes. With this extra power, the ATR 72-600 performs better, especially when flying at altitude and for takeoffs from short runways.