Asia Low Cost Airlines List


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The number of Low-Cost airlines in many countries in the Asian continent is increasing day by day. Due to the increasing competition in the sector, Low-Cost airline investment is developing day by day. There are now companies that carry out airline passenger transportation with a small number of aircraft and a small number of flight points. On this page, we tried to include Low-Cost carriers on the basis of countries in the Asian continent. On the list, you can see the airline companies based on country.

Low-Cost Airlines in Asia

Australia Low Cost Carriers; Tigerair Australia, Jetstar Australia

China Low Cost Carriers; Spring Airlines

Hong Kong Low Cost Carriers; Honh Kong Express

Japan Low Cost Carriers; Jetstar Japan, Peach, Solaseed Air

Malaysia Low Cost Carriers; AirAsia, FireFly, Malindo Air, AirAsiaX

Srilanka Low Cost Carriers; Mihin Lanka Airlines

India Low Cost Carriers; Air India Express, AirAsia India, Go Air, Indigo, Spicejet

Indonesia Low Cost Carriers; AirAsia

Philippines Low Cost Carriers; AirAsia, Skyjet Air

Vietnam Low Cost Carriers; Vietjetair

Thailand Low Cost Carriers; Nok Air, AirAsia

South Korea Low Cost Carriers; JejuAir, Eastarjet, Jin Air, T'way Air, Air Seoul