Antonov-124 Ruslan, AN-124 Cargo Plane


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Cargo Plane: Antonov-124 The An-124


The AN-124 RUSLAN operates by Antonov Airlines, Ukraine’s national cargo airline. The AN-124, Antonov-124 Ruslan is developed by the Antonov Design Bureau. The AN-124 first flew in 1982.



The AN-124


How big is the Antonov-124

Length; 69,10 m
Height; 21,08 m
Wing span; 73,30 m

How many AN-124 Cargo Aircraft are in use?

Currently, there are 20 aircraft from this aircraft used in cargo transportation.

Which countries or airlines use this cargo plane?

There is 1 aircraft in use at Maximus Airlines from the United Arab Emirates.
There are 7 aircraft at Antonov Airlines from Ukraine.
Volga-Dnepr Airlines from Russia has 12 aircraft.

Antonov-124, Second Biggest Cargo Plane in the World

The AN-124, Antonov-124 Ruslan is an aircraft with four jet engines. Antonov-124 is the second biggest cargo plane in the world, the biggest cargo plane AN-225 is an cargo plane with 6 jet engines.




In 1985, Antonov-124, The Ruslan is demonstrated at the International Aerospace Show at Le Bourget in France.




Antonov-124 Ruslan, The AN-124 first flew in 1982. This heavy cargo plane has 150 tons cargo capacity. A record cargo is carried aboard the AN-124, Siemens electric generator weighing 135 tons is transported from Dusseldorf to Delhi. This transport operation is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.