Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the base for KLM.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport is not only a gateway to Amsterdam but also a very pleasant place where you can shop, read and even enjoy the paintings of the great dutch artists. There is nothing to worry about Although Amsterdam's Schiphol airport is situated three meters below sea level.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

Schiphol Airport is one of europe's most important transportation hubs processing about 47 million passengers and over 450 thousand aircraft annually as such the airport is completely immune to the elements but things could have been totally different if the epic dutch battle against the marshlands had ended differently. Amsterdam's airport is named schiphol it is pronounced s-HIP-hall, which really isn't the first phonetic option that comes to mind in dutch the word means something like 'an abyss for ships', which seems quite confusing because there are no ships in sight in reality the entire compound of the modern airport was built on a former lake known for its peculiar characteristics and increasing water volume during bad weather many ships had sunk in storms and many sailors had perished until the area was reclaimed from the water and the marshland was dried up. in the 19th century The military constructed an aerodrome on the site in 1916. A few years later, production hangars belonging to the aircraft builder Fokker appeared in the vicinity.

The modern amsterdam-Schiphol AIRPORT has existed since the late 1960s when the concept of a single terminal still valid today was introduced. Unlike other airports, in Amsterdam the passenger flow goes through a single common building which splits into smaller terminals corridors and gates on the side of the runways the airport has five runways the longest and newest of which is situated in a northeast direction about 7 km from the control tower if this is the runway your plane will be taking off from, it is very likely you will be asked to board unusually early since it takes airplanes about 20 minutes to get there.

Amsterdam-schiphol Airport is a key European airport. The schiphol airport is the base for KLM, The train station at the airport is part of Europe's high-speed railroad network, and you can board a direct train to Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, and Berlin. The train tracks are hidden in a 6-km long tunnel, Which runs under the terminal building.

Schiphol AIRPORT offers many truly pleasurable opportunities. For example, there is a huge open terrace on the airport terminal roof, from which you can observe the airplanes and you will find an exhibition hall, The schiphol airport host the first library in an airport, apart from books, the library offers films and music examples.

The airport Schiphol has had asphalt runways since the 1930s, schiphol air traffic control tower is 101 meters high. Schiphol AIRPORT's control tower was the tallest control tower in the world when it was built in 1991.