American Airlines Fleet. American Airlines Planes

American Airlines Planes

American Airlines Fleet; American Airlines retired some aircraft models from its fleet in 2020.

American Airlines no longer uses these planes; Embraer E190, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 757, Airbus A330-300.

American Airlines Planes

There are 905 aircraft in main (except American Eagle regional fleet) fleet.

Number of aircraft and model details in the American Airlines Fleet in 2020;

Boeing 737-800; 304
Airbus A321; 218
Airbus A319; 133
Airbus A320; 48
Boeing 777-200; 47
Boeing 737 MAX8; 40
Airbus A321Neo; 29
Boeing 787-8; 29
Boeing 787-9; 22
Boeing 737-300; 20
Airbus A330-200; 15


Models in the main fleet of American Airlines; It uses Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The most preferred of these two models are respectively as follows; Boeing 737-800, Airbus A321, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 787, Airbus A330.


American Airlines, Boeing 777-200ER

American Airlines Regional Network and Fleet

American Eagle and regional network; Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines and PSA Airlines, are subsidiaries of American Airlines Group. These and some other airlines operate regional network on behalf of A.E. The aircraft used in regional transportation are located in the American Airlines Fleet. There are a total of 602 aircraft used for this purpose. Models; Bombardier CRJ700, CRJ900. Bombardier CRJ 200, Embraer ERJ 140, ERJ 145 and Embraer E 170. As you can see from the data, American Airlines prefers narrow-body aircraft with less passenger capacity in regional transportation in order to be cost-effective.

Details; Numbers of American Airlines Regional Fleet.

Embraer e-jet 175; 195
Bombardier CRJ700; 131
Bombardier CRJ900; 128
Embraer Erj 145; 118
Embraer Erj 140; 30


American Airlines total fleet figure; 1.507. Main fleet; 905, Regional fleet; 602.


American Airlines, Airbus A321

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