Milan Linate Airport

milan-linate-airport-Enrico-Forlanini Airport

Enrico Forlanini, Milan’s Linate Airport

it has been said that Milan’s Linate Airport is small and of little importance in comparison with the city’s imposing Malpensa Airport, an hour’s drive away. However, this would be like comparing a circle to a square, for Linate serves as a rapid and rational gateway to Milan’s city centre. For the past few years, the flow of air traffic at Linate Airport (and therefore its future development) has been defined by the number 18. In accordance with restrictions imposed by the Italian authorities, the airport’s movements per hour cannot exceed this number.

Traffic volumes must be kept low due to noise and environmental issues, as the airport is practically a part of the city itself – being located just 10 km from the famous Duomo di Milano. Nevertheless, Linate has found a good niche for itself by catering to short-haul Italian and international flights, offering the perfect choice for those who value time when travelling and who wish to reach the centre of Milan in a jiffy. Linate is quietly continuing to modernize its terminal building, which was renovated in the 1990s, by replacing the dark floor with a lighter covering, refurbishing existing retail stores and adding new ones, expanding the airport’s parking space and giving the complex’s marble façade a thorough cleaning.

milan-linate-airport-Enrico-Forlanini Airport

Milan Linate Airport, Enrico Forlanini

If your travel schedule has left you with more than a couple of hours to spare for browsing through Linate Airport’s cafés and shops, then you might consider stepping onto a public transport bus and taking it two short stops to Idroscalo, the nearby man-made lake that once served as a base for water airplanes.
Bring along a book and swimsuit, and relax for a while before returning to the airport for your flight. The park also has several bars and clubs the quench your thirst and ease your hunger in a pleasant setting. Milan Linate Airports’s official name is Airport Enrico Forlanini, in honour of an Italian aviation pioneer. “Linate” comes from the Milan suburb where the airport is located. Enrico Forlanini Airport Built in the 1930s, rebuilt in the 1950s and 1980s. Expanded in the 1990s under architect Aldo Rossi. Municipality of Milan is the Major shareholder of Milan Linate Airport

How can you go from Airport to Milan city centre; A ride on bus No. 73 (1-EUR) will bring you to the city centre (San Bablia) in 15 minutes. From Milan Linate Airports The shuttle bus ride to Malpensa Airport (13 EUR) takes about one hour.

Enrico Forlanini (1848 - 1930) was born in Milan, he was an Italian engineer, inventor and aeronautical pioneer, known for his works on helicopters and aircraft.

Milan’s Linate Airport - Airlines.

Many major airlines uses this airport. Some of them; Spain airline Vueling. United, dELTA from USA. Romanian Blue Air. Brussel Airlines, Easyjet, KLM and ıBERİA are the other airlines.