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Mexican Airlines [ Airlines in Mexico ]

You can find all mexican airline companies in this page. AeroMexico, of course, is the leading and major airline company in Mexico. AeroMexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico. But there are many different airline companies in Mexico. Especially Mexico has many low-cost airline such as Volaris,, Interjet and AeroMexico Contigo. AeroMexico Connect and AeroMexico Contigo are the subsidiaries of AeroMexico. Find out Mexico airlines. We have 9 Mexico airlines in our list. You can find brief information about Mexico airlines, You can see logos of Mexico airlines and you can go Mexico airlines' websites via our internal links. Here is the list of Mexico airlines; Aero Mexico, Viva, Volaris, Aeromar, Interjet, TAR Airlines, Calafia Airlines, AeroMexico Connect, AeroMexico Contigo. Aeromexico fleet consists of Boeing Aircrafts. VivaAerobus fleet consists of Airbus Aircrats. Volaris fleet consists of European Airbus Aircrats. Aeromar, TAR Airlines and Calafia Airlines are the domestic airlines in Mexico. TAR Airlines and Calafia Airlines use Brazilian Embraer Aircrafts for flight operations. Aeromar uses European ATR aircrafts for flight operations. Mexican Low-Cost carrier Interjet airlines uses Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 and European Airbus aircrafts. How many low-cost carriers are there in Mexico? There are 4 low-cost carriers in Mexico. AeroMexico Contigo, Viva Aerobus, Volaris and Interjet airlines are the low-cost carriers in Mexico.