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Iceland airlines; Icelandair of course, is the leading and major airline companies in iceland but there are many different airline companies in iceland. Icelandair and Play Airline are the most important airline companies in iceland. Eagle Air Iceland, Myflug Air and Norlandair are minor and regional airlines in iceland. Iceland Defunct Airlines; Iceland Express, Wow Airlines, Air Iceland and Air Iceland Connect. Eagle Air Iceland, Myflug Air and Norlandair are Icelandic regional airlines. They are based at Reykjavík Airport and offer domestic flights. Play Airline is a new airline company in Iceland. Play Airlines is iceland low-cost airline company. North Iceland's Niceair is a new airline in İceland. Niceair operates a fleet of Airbus aircrafts. Icelandair is the national airline of Iceland. Iceland's flag carrier and national airline IcelandAir is the best airline of Iceland. You can fly to Iceland with IcelandAir from many points in US, Canada and Europe. IcelandAir operates scheduled daily direct flights to major destinations in Europe, Canada and the United States. National airline Icelandair operates a fleet of Boeing aircrafts. Iceland low-cost Play Airline fleet consists of Airbus Aircrafts.