Saab Aircrafts


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Saab Aircraft Swedish company, founded in 1937, is a Swedish aerospace and defense industry companies. The company in 2005 brought an end to civil aircraft production.

Propeller Airplane, Propeller Aircrafts

Propeller planes are smaller in size and have a smaller passenger capacity. Propeller aircraft are the most suitable aircraft for boutique passenger transport. their low cost per passenger and their ability to take off and landing on non-equipped runways are the features that distinguish propeller aircraft from other jet-engine aircraft. Propeller airplane are not used solely for military purposes or freight transport. The use of propeller aircraft in passenger transport is increasing day by day. The most widely used propeller airplanes today; Dash 8, Bombardier Q 400, Saab 340 series, Short 360 series, Dornier DO228 and DO328 props, Fokker 50, All of the ATR series, All of the Bombardier, All of the Short and Saab are the Propeller Aircrafts. The Douglas DC-3, Convair series; ConVair 240, ConVair 340, ConVair 440 aircrafts and many types Antonov aircrafts are propeller airplanes.

Saab Planes [Saab Aircrafts] SAAB 340, SAAB 2000

Saab aircrafts are used by several small regional airlines for short distances or short-haul flights operations. sAAB 340 B is the most preferred model of Saab aircraft by airline companies. Saab 340, Saab's most popular model was produced from 1983 to 1999. Saab 340 made its first commercial flight in 1984, Saab 340 is still used by many airlines in passenger or cargo transportation. Saab 2000, Saab 340 (340a and 340b) are the most well known models. These Saab propeller aircrafts are suitable for regional flight operations.