Fokker Models; Fokker 50, Fokker 70, Fokker 100,


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Aircraft Model; Lufthansa / Fokker-50


Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker, took the name from founder Anthony Fokker. Founded in 1912, the company has manufactured aircrafts for different purposes.

Aircraft Model; SAS / Fokker-50

Aircraft Model; Austrian Airlines / Fokker-70


Fokker aircraft used in civil aviation and the best-known models; (Fokker 50/70/100)

Aircraft Model; Malev / Fokker-70

Fokker 50

Fokker 50, In 1997, production was stopped. This model is manufactured with a capacity of 46-56 passengers.

Aircraft Model; Mid Airlines / Fokker-50

Fokker 50 is a propeller aircraft. Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 are with two turbofan engines. The Fokker 50 with 2 twin engines is a turboprop passenger plane. Fokker 50 has the ability to take off on rough, unpaved and short runways and operate under heavy weather conditions. The Belgian Regional airlines Air Antwerp use Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft for flight operations. In many countries Fokker 50 aircrafts are used as cargo or military purposes.

Aircraft Model; KLM / Fokker-70

Fokker 70

Fokker 70, the models produced between 1994-1997 was produced with a capacity of 80 seats. Fokker 70 is a Narrow-Body Regional Plane with two-turbofan jet.

Watch Fokker 50 Takeoff

Aircraft Model; Spain Air / Fokker-100

Fokker 100

Fokker 100, produced between 1988 and 1996. Fokker 100 models are manufactured with a capacity of 109 seats. Fokker 100 is a bit big than Fokker 70. Fokker 100 is a bit big than Fokker 70 and has more passenger seating capacity. These two models is nearly the same version of a twin-turbofan jet airplane.

Aircraft Model; Germania / Fokker-100

Aircraft Model; Jetsgo / Fokker-100

Fokker 100

Fokker 100; This model is the largest aircraft built by Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. Virgin Australia Airlines uses Fokker 100 model aircrafts in it's fleet, Qantas especially Quantas Link also uses Fokker 100.

Aircraft Model; OLT Express / Fokker-100