Bombardier CS300

Bombardier CS300

The CS300 was purpose-designed and built from the ground up. Made with the perfect balance of proven methods, materials and cutting-edge technology, the C Series is now the most efficient and aerodynamic commercial aircraft in the skies. That translates to new routes and improved flight frequency for airBaltic. A CS300 can fly about 1,000 km further than a Boeing 737 Classic.

The air conditioning system is controlled automatically according to the number of passengers. This guarantees the best possible ventilation and ensures that every seat in the cabin is at a pleasant temperature, giving you better air quality on each flight.

The Earth needs new thinking. As the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class, the C Series has radically reduced emissions. The C Series fuel burn advantage translates directly into a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, or up to 6,000 tonnes each year per plane. NOx emissions have been cut by 50%.

There is enough space for the carry-on baggage of every passenger, and the luggage bins are now lower, making them easier to reach.

C Series aircrafts are the quietest commercial jets in service. With a noise footprint that is four times smaller than many other aircraft, the CS300 can fly to noise-sensitive city airports such as Bromma-Stockholm, which has particularly strict noise regulations.

The plane has a real-time monitoring system to make sure that it is operating properly. This means that while the plane is up in the air, technicians on the ground can spot any problems that might arise.

The C Series also has the world’s first electric braking system. Electric brakes increase braking efficiency and reduce wear. Braking force is applied evenly, making landing gentler for passengers.

Since the C Series was entirely purposebuilt and specifically designed for the 100- to 150-seat market, it is up to 12,000 pounds lighter than its competitors.

The CS300 flies at an altitude of around 41,000 feet, while the maximum altitude for the Boeing 737 Classic is 37,000 feet. The CS300 thus encounters less air resistance, which leads to greater fuel economy. The CS300 consumes only 2 litres of fuel per 100 km per passenger. Compared to the Boeing 737 Classic, its fuel costs per passenger are 18% lower.

Artificial lighting has also been greatly improved with modern LED light sources. Mood lights convey an unprecedented variation of colour tones and intensity to create the perfect lighting for each flight.

Designed with the passenger’s comfort in mind, the C Series cabin provides space where it matters the most. Enjoy the greatest seat width and widest middle seat of a single-aisle commercial aircraft. The seat pitch is 10 cm more than in other airBaltic aircraft.

The cabin windows are 26% larger than those of Boeing 737 Classic planes. Extra large windows provide additional natural light, and more than one window can be seen in each row.