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ATR 42-300

ATR (Avions de Transport Regional)

ATR Aircrafts, ATR 42 and ATR 72 Series

ATR 42 Series

French-Italy co-production. ATR aircrafts are often used by regional airline companies. ATR 42 Series has been produced since 1984. This model, which is available in Cargo and Military versions, is frequently used in civil and regional airline passenger transportation in the American continent.


ATR 42-300

Although the shorter models of these planes, 200 and 300 series, which are produced with propellers, were produced with 4 blades, the other series 400, 500 and 600 series were produced with 6 blades. Although the length of 42 series is approximately 23 meters, the length of ATR 72 series is 27 meters.


ATR 42-500

ATR 42 Variants;

ATR 42-200 / 42-300 / 42-320 / 42-400 / 42-500 /42-600.

ATR 42 series has a capacity from 40-50 passengers.


ATR 42-600

ATR Aircrafts, ATR 42 and ATR 72 Series

ATR 72 Series

ATR 72-500

ATR 72 Variants;

ATR 72-100 / 72-200 / 72-210 / 72-500 / 72-600

ATR 72-500 model has a capacity of 70 passengers. The ATR 72-500, is an airworthy 70-seater turbo-prop aircraft with spacious seating and ample cargo space. This current model is very popular among airlines in more than 65 countries around the world for its short haul operations.


ATR 72-500

ATR 72-600

ATR 72-600

These new generation, ATR72-600 are equipped with a new full-glass cockpit and feature a high comfort layout with larger overhead bins. The ATR 72-600 are not only known for their reliability and technology but are also the top-selling turboprop aircraft on the market. The ATR 72-600 Series takes advantage of the latest innovations in the cockpit technology with simplified, integrated LCD advanced functions, enhancing safety, improved handling for pilots, in addition to maintenance cost saving and significant weight reduction.


ATR 72-600

New technological innovations are being incorporated in the ATR-600 Series to further enhance the feeling of space, comfort and the pleasure of flying. The ATR 72-600 benefits from the widest cabin in the turboprop market, new ergonomic design for greater comfort, new seats and wider overhead bins with 30% more roller bags stowage. ATR 72-600, configured with 68 to 74 seats, The ATR 72-600, as the previous ATR 72 aircraft versions, is recognized as the most efficient regional aircraft with the lowest seat-mile costs.

Airlines List That use ATR Aircrafts

List of Some Airlines has ATR Aircraft in their fleets; Bangkok Airways, Cebu Pasific Air, Passaredo, Azul, Jet Airways, Uni Air, Malindo, HOP!, Garuda Indonesia, Air Algerie, Binter Canarias, Firefly, Air New Zealand, Trigana, Air Caledonie, TruJet, Liat Air, Precision Air, Air Vanuatu, Air Botswana, Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines, Aeromar, Danish Alsie Express, Antrak Air.


ATR 72-600