A340, Airbus A340 Family Series

A340 Family Family Series

A340 Family

The four-engine A340 family consist of four models; Airbus A340-200, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A340-600. A340 Family has wide-body Aircrafts that designed and used for long-distance flights. All the members of A340 Family has four-engine. With different fuselage lengths, A340 Family line offers passengers capacity from around 250 to up to 475.

Airbus A340 Family Members

Airbus A340-200;

With a range of 12,400 km, the A340-200 will typically seat 210 to 250 passengers in three classes. the A340-200 started service in 1987 as an aircraft ideal for long haul routes.


With a range of 13,500 km, the A340-300 will typically seat 250 to 290 passengers in three classes.

Airbus A340-500;

With a range of 16,670 km, the A340-500 will typically seat 270 to 310 passengers in three classes. the A340-500 is Airbus’ longest-range aircraft. WithThe four-engine the A340-500 allows to operate some of the world’s longest non-stop routes.

Airbus Airbus A340-600;

Longest Airbus A340-600; With a range of 14,450 km, with an overall length of 75.36 metres. the A340-600 will typically seat 320 to 370 passengers in three classes. The A340-600 is the largest-capacity member of Airbus’ A340 Family.

Airbus A340-600

Aircraft Model; LUFTHANSA / Airbus A340-600

With 75,36m overall lenght the longest airbus; A340-600