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Airbus A340-600

Longest Airbus

Airbus A340-600

With an overall length of 75.36 metres, Airbus A340-600 is the longest Airbus operating today.

The A340-600 has a seating capacity of 475 passengers. A340-600 can accommodate 380 passengers in a typical three-class configuration. A340-600 has four Rolls-Royce Trent 556 engines. Overall length of A340-600 is 75,36 m. A340-600 is the longest of the A340 family. With the range of 14.450 km the A340-600 uses for long-haul operations.

Airbus A340-600

Name: Airbus A340-600

Manufacturer: European Union Airbus

Capacity: 475 passengers

Fuel: 194,880 L / 51,482 Gallons

Take off weight: 419 t (3,80,000 kg)

Powerplant: 4 X Rolls-Royce Trent 556

Cruising speed: 543mph (881km/h)

Range: 14,450 km

Aviation Terminology

Take off weight: The maximum weight that a pilot is allowed to attempt to take off.

Powerplant: A part of the propeller unit, it varies according to the capacity, purpose and desired speed of the aircraft.

Fuel: Aviation fuels have anti-freezing and anti-explosion properties.

Cruising speed: The speed at which an aircraft travels after reaching the set altitude. Average speed of commercial aircraft is 400-500 nauts.

Range: This is the maximum distance an aircraft can cover between landing and take off on the basis of its fuel capacity.