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The Medieval Sardinian Town; Alghero, Italy

The Medieval Sardinian Town

Destination; Alghero, Italy

The medieval Sardinian town is an intriguing mixture of the traditional architecture of the region and the best of the Moor heritage. If you get the feeling of a vague similarity to Barcelona, it’s not accidental – for centuries Alghero was under Catalan rule.

Lazzaretto is among Sardinia’s top beaches and the sea here is suitable not only for sunbathing, but also for all kinds of surfing. Add more than six-millennia old archeological remains, the picturesque Neptune’s Cave and delicious seafood cuisine (lobsters, sea urchins and the legendary local fish soup), and you won’t need any more reasons to head for Alghero.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy


Destination; Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza is one of the three 500-year-old villages that make up the Cinque Terre, on northwest of Italy’s rugged Ligurian coast. Colourful houses surround its small marina. If you too want a glimpse of this picturesque sight, then head to the Cylindrical Tower of the famous Doria Castle here and be prepared to be amazed.

Val di Funes, Italy

Destination; Val di Funes

This is a valley in the Italian South Tyrol, about 25km long. Winter here will take you amidst sceneries and moods from the most idyllic children’s tales, where smoke pours out of chimneys from lovely little houses in pine forests with the breathtaking Alpine peaks in the background.
south-tyrol-val-di-funes, Italy

Val di Funes is part of the Alpine pearls tourist destinations, where cars are unfavorable and more ecological means of transportation are preferred. You should not miss the Museum of Minerals in Tiso and the Saint Magdalena church in the village of the same name.


Hotel Monteverdi, Italy

We drive along in the enchanting atmosphere of Tuscany.


We’re taking a car trip an hour and half north of Rome. As we drive along in the enchanting atmosphere of Tuscany, we are drawn towards a medieval village with its crisp air and lush natural setting.

The village of Castiglioncello del Trinoro in the region of Val d’Orcia is home to the Hotel Monteverdi, a superb boutique hotel that opened its doors in August of 2012.


In addition to the hotel’s seven rooms, it also has three villas called the Villa Muri Antichi, Villa Amiata and Villa San Pietro, an openair swimming pool, a small church dating from the 12th century and a café called Caffe Monteverdi. The rooms and villas have every comfort and luxury imaginable. Hotel Monteverdi official website