Zermatt, Switzerland.

“A no-cars town,” “the most expensive hotels in Switzerland,” and “the mountain from the “Toblerone” logo” are all true definitions for this famous ski destination. If you happen to be in Zermatt for the first time, the lack of traffic and cars on the streets might amaze you.

This is especially amazing during the peak ski season when 20,000 people walk around on foot and the only vehicles allowed are fire engines and shop suppliers.


The only exception is made for electric cars, and if you are caught driving in town, the fine is 350 franks (nearly 300 euros). This is a normal amount for the place with the most expensive hotels in Switzerland.

Where is Zermatt / Map

This stunning and small Swiss town below the northern slope of the Matterhorn is known for two things – its remarkable cuisine and the absence of automobiles. The first is due to several dozen world-class restaurants, such as for example Zum See, Franz Heidi’s and Chez Vrony. As for the second, it means that if you want to travel a greater distance, you will have to choose between phaetons or electric taxis.

The town’s authorities only permit the fire brigade and ambulance services the use of internal combustion engines. With regards to skiing, Zermatt boasts an impressive number of ski runs – almost 300 km, or 186 miles, (including the year-round ones on its glaciers) and 55 lifts. The possibilities for a free ride away from the pistes are almost unlimited.