What is VTOL? VTOL; Vertical Take-Off and Landing


Vertical takeoff and landing, VTOL Aircrafts; VTOL Drone, VTOL Jet, VTOL Plane.

Drone vehicle has the VTOL feature. Helicopter has the VTOL feature. There is no jet engine aircraft with VTOL capability. There is no plane used in passenger transportation with VTOL feature. VTOL Aircrafts; It is used to refer to planes capable of vertical take-off and landing. As you know, helicopters or drones have (VTOL) vertical landing and take-off features. After the success of The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey model produced for military services and purposes, flights and studies continue for a civil-purpose prototype aircraft with the capacity of VTOL, called AW609 TiltRotor.

If these works are successful and the production process begins, we will have a multi-role aircraft. An airplane that can take off and land like a helicopter, which does not need a huge place for take-off and landing, is also capable of carrying more passengers and faster than the helicopter. It is a plane with a high potential to bring a different atmosphere to the aviation history by creating space and time benefits in many areas from health to military use. Perhaps AW609 TiltRotor should be placed between the aircraft and the helicopter. Thinking of a mixture of two aircraft as a hybrid new vehicle is perhaps the most accurate definition. We will have to be a little bit more patient to learn all this.


Bell Boeing MV-22

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an VTOL aircraft.

There is still no VTOL-capable aircraft used in civilian passenger transport. Used for military purposes, The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an VTOL aircraft.

VTOL-capable aircraft,

With this style, VTOL-capable aircraft, services that can be performed with a classic helicopter can be performed much more quickly. Planes with VTOL feature can land very easily on areas and runways where normal planes cannot land. Since they are faster than helicopters, transactions can be performed faster. It is a very important advantage in that they have serious carrying capacity.

Leonardo's AW609 is a VTOL aircraft

Leonardo's AW609 now is a prototype for civil passenger transportation,


Leonardos AW609, The AW609

Tiltrotor aircraft meant for the civilian market. That tiltrotor design, after all, is the AW609’s key feature. The AW609 aimed at corporate aviation, search and rescue operations. The AW609 TiltRotor is designed to fly at 25,000 feet. Another important advantage is that it is twice as fast as the helicopter. Take off, Accelerate quickly, fly in all weather conditions and land quickly. No need for large airports and long runways. AW609 TiltRotor stands out as an indispensable tool for all civil and military issues that require urgency and speed. The AW609 TiltRotor combines the benefits of a helicopter and the benefits of an airplane in one vehicle. It is a tool you can use even for very short distances. The version to be used in civilian passenger transport is planned with a capacity of 9 passengers.