Safari Park

The safari park is only a few kilometres from Maputo City, but that is enough for us to feel far from the entanglements of urbanisation. Inaugurated in mid-2007, the park now contains a good diversity of species, from giraffes and wildebeest to zebras, water buffalo, impalas and ostriches.

Wildlife in Mozambique

The niassa national reserve is the largest protected area in Mozambique and one of the largest in Africa. Located in the far north of Mozambique, covering an area of 42.000km2. Apart from an advantageous location, halfway between Lake Niassa and the coast of Pemba ant the Quirimbas islands, the grandeur of the region, its pristine landscapes, and the abundance of wild animals are the greatest tourist attractions of the reserve. Thes subtle qualities of the Niassa Reserve create the opportunity for it to becoma in future a destination for exclusive ecotourism in southern Africa.