Propeller Aircrafts


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DC-3, The Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-3

DC-3 or The Douglas DC-3 Aircraft, which is a very important turning point in the aviation history in the 1930s. Of course, Douglas DC-3 was an important airplane in 1930s. DC-3 aircraft have been a turning point in civil passenger life. It was such a successful aircraft that its military version; The Douglas C-47 is a modern aircraft capable of influencing the fate of World War II. According to Boeing's data, only 455 were produced from this Wonderful Douglas DC-3. These days, 455 may seem a bit small, but it is a reasonable figure for the 1930s. Different sources state that 607 DC-3 aircraft were produced between 1936-1942. DC-3 production ended in 1942. Although different production figures are stated, the known reality regarding these aircraft does not change. It opened a different era in world aviation history. DC-3 was preferred and used by all renowned airlines around the world during the years it was produced.

ConVair CV-340 / Convair 340

Douglas DC-3, early beginnig of the 50s was the main type of passenger aircraft in domestic flights. This model, which successfully came out of the 2nd World War, became a cult in civil air transportation. A competitor and alternative was required for Douglas DC-3 aircraft. It was at this point that Convair appeared. Convair series; ConVair 240, ConVair 340, ConVair 440 aircrafts was designed and produced for the replacement of the Douglas DC-3. You can find more information about Fuselage and interior design of Convair 340. Since the Convair 340 model is the most remarkable model of the Convair series, we found it useful to elaborate this model.

Propeller Airplane, Propeller Aircrafts

Propeller planes are smaller in size and have a smaller passenger capacity. Propeller aircraft are the most suitable aircraft for boutique passenger transport. their low cost per passenger and their ability to take off and landing on non-equipped runways are the features that distinguish propeller aircraft from other jet-engine aircraft. Propeller airplane are not used solely for military purposes or freight transport. The use of propeller aircraft in passenger transport is increasing day by day. The most widely used propeller airplanes today; Dash 8, Bombardier Q 400, Saab 340 series, Short 360 series, Dornier DO228 and DO328 props, Fokker 50, All of the ATR series, All of the Bombardier, All of the Short and Saab are the Propeller Aircrafts. The Douglas DC-3, Convair series; ConVair 240, ConVair 340, ConVair 440 aircrafts and many types Antonov aircrafts are propeller airplanes.

The Dornier 228, DO228, Dornier Airplanes

Dornier 228 airplane can be configured either in full passenger configuration or freight. Normally The Dornier 228 is a passenger airplane with propeller. The Dornier 228 has a suitable fuselage for allowing for a quick change between passenger, cargo or combined cabin configuration. The Dornier 228 is a suitable airplane for military actions. German Dornier 228.

Bombardier Q-400, Dash 8, DHC-8

Bombardier Q400 turboprop airplane. Q400 (The Q stands for “quiet.”) Bombardier Q400 Built in Toronto. Bombardier Q400 aircraft is the first turboprop aircraft in the world that has 90-seat capacity. bombarider q series formerly known bombardier dash 8 aircrafts. The Bombardier Q Series - originally called Dash 8 - is a series of turboprop-engine commercial airplane. Many major airlines uses this bombardier q-400 aircrafts for regional operations.

Major Milestones of Antonov, Antonov Planes

Antonov was founded in 1946 by designer Oleg Antonov. More one hundred types Antonov aircrafts were designed. The Antonov models were used for many purposes. Some models of antonov Planes is more popular than others, for example; Antonov-225, AN-225, This model is the biggest cargo plane in the world. Antonov-124 Ruslan, AN-124, this is another heavy cargo plane that has 150 tons cargo capacity. The AN-148, Antonov-148 is a regional passenger airlines, for short-haul destinations, The AN-148 is a suitable turbojet plane, Passenger capacity; from 10 to 85 depending on how the cabin is designed. Antonov aircrafts' history.

ATR 42, ATR 72

ATR (Avions de Transport Regional), ATR aircrafts are often used by regional airline companies. The ATR 72-600 are not only known for their reliability and technology but are also the top-selling turboprop aircraft on the market. ATR models; ATR 42-200 / ATR 42-300 / ATR 42-320 / ATR 42-400 / ATR 42-500 / ATR 42-600; ATR 72-100 / ATR 72-200 / ATR 72-210 / ATR 72-500 / ATR 72-600. ATR 72-600, configured with 68 to 74 seats, The ATR 72-600, as the previous ATR 72 aircraft versions, is recognized as the most efficient regional aircraft with the lowest seat-mile costs. List of Airlines has ATR Aircraft in their fleets; Bangkok Airways, Cebu Pasific Air, Passaredo, Azul, Jet Airways, Uni Air, Malindo, HOP!, Garuda Indonesia, Air Algerie, Binter Canarias, Firefly, Air New Zealand, Trigana, Air Caledonie, TruJet, Liat Air, Precision Air, Air Vanuatu, Air Botswana, Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines, Aeromar, Antrak Air.

Short Aircraft [Models of Short Airplanes]

Short Brothers, Short Brothers Aircraft, Short airplane is made in Ireland. Short planes, are used in regional flights. Short company was founded in London in 1908. Short series models in use; Short 360-100/ Short 360-200/ Short 360-300. Passenger capacity of this Short Model planes ranges from 30 to 39 passengers. Short Brothers and their's Aircrafts have a very important place in UK aviation history.