Marvellous Story OF Irish Coffee


Amazing story of Irish coffee and Joe Sheridan.

On a winter's night in 1943, a PanAm flight to New York took off from the small Irish town of Foynes.

The airline used large seaplanes for transatlantic flights. A few hours into the flight, the captain decided to turn back because the weather conditions were just too bad. Joe Sheridan, the head chef of the Foynes air terminal restaurant, offered hot coffee to the freezing travellers.

As an additional boost, he decided to pour a little Irish whiskey into the drink. When one of the travellers asked if Brazilian beans were used in the beverage, Joe replied that it was Irish coffee. And so, thanks to aviation, a well-known and popular drink-Irish Coffee-was born.

Unfinished journey on a cold winter night. People who are bored because they can't get their loved ones and feel cold due to cold weather. To soothe these people after such misfortune; A great blend with hot coffee and a little whiskey. Thanks a lot Joe Sheridan.