Reasons of Medical Tourism

Reasons of Medical Tourism
High savings, No wait-lists, High quality treatment, World class facilities, Access to latest technology, Best surgeons, Customer care, Travel opportunities,

You’re planning to travel for medical purposes? Here are the most popular destinations where you can combine business with pleasure Over 12 million people have traveled abroad for medical procedures if we trust the organization ’Patients Beyond Borders’ data. This market’s earnings have almost doubled over the past decade and are now estimated at between 46 and 72 billion dollars a year. Such trips are becoming increasingly popular not only because of the places where certain procedures and treatments are at lower prices, but also because of higher quality of services, the lack of patient waiting lists and avoiding awkward questions from family and colleagues. some destinations where you will not only become healthier, but also relax properly.

Bulgaria; A visit to the dentist has never been one of the most pleasant experience. But in Bulgaria’s so called “sea capital” Varna, you can at least take comfort in the thought that after the manipulations on the chair you can relax on the beach. Varna has long been a popular destination for dental procedures and dental orthopedics. Some of the clinics in the city can cater for your overall stay in the city, including manipulations for a few days, combined with attractive conditions for your summer holiday. Even if you get bored in Varna, resorts like Albena (with the largest medical and spa tourism centre on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast) or Saints Constantine and Helena (a popular destination for esthetic dentistry and dental implantology) are literally minutes away.

Thailand; The country is known as one of the world’s most accessible for medical tourism – the prices of many of the procedures and manipulations are by 40-60% lower than the ones in Europe and the USA. Until a few years ago it was popular mainly with sex reassignment surgery; today Thailand offers plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments and local traditional medicine. Facelift, which costs about $15,000 in the USA, here will amount to no more than 3,000. Connoisseurs advise choosing Bangkok over seaside resorts if you really want to count on quality service. The most popular hospital among foreigners – Bumrungrad International – is there and has over 900 physicians in about 55 different specialties. Should we mention all the other advantages of Thailand – tropical climate, ancient culture, incredible cuisine?

Costa Rica; “The Rich Coast”, as is the literal translation of its name, is known as an island of stability in Central America. A country without its own army, with one of the world’s greenest economies, where you can enjoy the joys of life to the fullest. Ecotourism is popular – despite its small size, 5% of the world’s biodiversity is in Costa Rica. Medical tourism, on the other hand, is growing at lightning speed – 10-15% a year. The most popular fields among health tourists are cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, gynecology and dental services, and are twice cheaper than in the USA and Canada, where the largest flow of overseas patients comes from. Its advisable to head for the capital San Jose where are the most clinics of the highest standard.

India; India is the second most popular destination for medical tourism in the world after Thailand – in 2015 the industry generated 2 billion dollars in revenue. The initial flow of health tourists here comes from the neighbouring countries with less developed healthcare system, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar. Subsequently, however, many of the healthcare facilities in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi specialize in working with foreign patients and currently two of the hospitals are in the world’s top 10 for health tourism are in India – Fortis in Bangalore and Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai. Among the most popular procedures are eye surgery, bone marrow and liver transplant, pelvis and kneecap replacement, cardiac surgery, as well as cancer treatment. If you’re faced with such major manipulations, you’d better do your best to have a good time – India isn’t a boring place.