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Propeller Plane

Airplane with propeller

Propeller planes; Since modern-day people see and travel with jet-engine planes, propeller planes seem strange to them.

In fact, in many respects propeller airplanes are in fashion position, and many important airline companies have propeller airplanes.

Propeller aircraft are not used solely for military purposes or freight transport. The use of propeller aircraft in passenger transport is increasing day by day.

Propeller aircraft, airplane

Safety and comfort are no different from jet-engine aircraft. Propeller aircraft at least as safe as jet-engine aircrafts. Propeller airplane offers the possibility of safe travel from one point to another.

Propeller aircraft are the most suitable aircraft for boutique passenger transport. their low cost per passenger and their ability to take off and landing on non-equipped runways are the features that distinguish propeller aircraft from other jet-engine aircraft.

Propeller planes are smaller in size and have a smaller passenger capacity.

the most widely used propeller airplanes today;