From/To; London Heathrow - Lisbon


You can find many airlines on this route. We searched airlines who offers affordable price from london[heathrow] to lisbon. We sorted airlines by price for this london[heathrow]-lisbon route. We only offers direct flights.

Lowest price; Probably you can fly on this route with Tap Air Portugal.

Other Airlines

Many Airlines operates scheduled flights from london[heathrow] to lisbon. it may be useful for you to check these airlines. Here are the list;

  • British Airways
  • If you prefer flights with 1 stop (4h 30m - 7h 30m) you can find affordable tickets. Low-Cost Airlines for this route (london-heathrow-lisbon) with 1 stop

  • Iberia
  • Brussel Airlines
  • london-heatrow-lisbon
    From: London To: Lisbon Approx. travel time; 2h 35m