Lake Saimaa


Lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa paradise With its gentle harbour, lakeside spas and pristine countryside, the Finnish city of Lappeenranta makes a charming getaway at any time of year.

Strolling at sunset along the quay, with the yachts barely moving on the placid water and the inviting lights twinkling in the windows of pastel-coloured spa houses, visitors can easily forget that Lappeenranta, one of Finland’s most picturesque lakeside hamlets, is also one of the country’s most active. The town’s location beside Lake Saimaa, the fourth biggest lake in Europe,
ensures that many of the adventures and activities available in the pristine forests of South Karelia take on a watery dimension.

It’s easy to obtain a weeklong fishing license and go salmon-angling, or take a boat out with experienced locals and catch rainbow trout, pike-perch and even arctic char.

A network of carefully mapped routes for canoeing and kayaking, from five to 115 km long, incorporates some of Finland’s most tranquil and isolated spots, filled with the sounds of nature and far from the intrusions of man.

The routes stay close to the shore, as a turn in the weather can make this huge lake as rough as the open sea, despite its countless islands and bays. Fortunately that’s uncommon, and the summer skies over Saimaa are often as blue and restful as the water.